Guide to Santa Croce, Florence

It's not called the "Pantheon of the Italian Greats" for nothing! This gem is filled with amazing art, great stories, and the final resting places of many famous Italians!

Listening to TJ Clark

This last week the city of Chicago was so fortunate to host the amazing art historian T.J. Clark. You can probably recognize his name if you've ever taken a modern art course- as he is an expert on the subject. I became familiar with his work last semester when I used his book The Painting of … Continue reading Listening to TJ Clark

Midterm Madness

Everyone in school right now is either dealing with midterms this week or are finally relaxing on Spring Break. Except me. I had my midterms weeks ago (unusually early) and still have a few weeks to wait for my Spring Break. That doesn't mean I haven't been busy though! On the contrary, I have been … Continue reading Midterm Madness

Manet’s Modernism

I love Impressionism. The pastel hues, the lighthearted subject matter. The Art Institute of Chicago has a large collection of Impressionist works. The gallery incudes Manet, Monet, Degas, Pissarro, and others. Which is why I was so suprised to find out that Manet was not an Impressionist. I think every Impressionism book I own includes his … Continue reading Manet’s Modernism