The Psychology of Vincent van Gogh

A quick note: this paper was written for an Intro to Psychology class, and should be read as a psychology paper with an art historical lens, not an art history paper outright. Vincent van Gogh was a Post-Impressionist artist who is most famously known for his masterpiece Starry Night and the fact that he cut off part of … Continue reading The Psychology of Vincent van Gogh

10 Tips to Help You Save For Travel

  Travel is a wonderful thing. It opens you up to new experiences and cultures, tests you in ways you couldn't imagine back home, and leaves you breathless and overall a more cultured person. Unfortunately, traveling is not free. For some people, that is enough to deter them from travelling at all. Don't be one of … Continue reading 10 Tips to Help You Save For Travel

A Day in Dubrovnik: a photo diary

In late February, my mom and I traveled to the fortified city of Dubrivnik, Croatia. The city was empty and every corner was picturesque. Here are some of my many (~300) pictures I took on our day of wandering: