The Fairytale World of Plitvice Lakes

Only in a fairytale would you find yourself skipping and singing through the snowy forest, with the sunshine streaming through the trees, and happen across a beautiful lake with thousands of waterfalls and every shade of blue imaginable… except when you’re in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia!

New Image

Without the singing… okay, maybe a little singing… this is really what happened. I mean, we knew about the lakes, but turning a corner and having all of that beauty ambush us in a nanosecond surely left us feeling breathless.




Even if you do your research and look at all the pictures before hand, nothing can prepare you for the rush you feel when you hear the roar of the waterfalls and see the teal-turquoise-lapis blues of the water for the first time.




Wintertime was an especially amazing experience, because the long icicles and fluffy snow added to the magic.



Plus, we basically had all this wondrousness all to ourselves!!



The only bummer was that the boardwalks were closed due to the ice and snow, so we were not able to get up close and personal with those waterfalls. Some brave souls, however, ignored the signs and went anyways. While we considered it, we thought that slipping into the icy water by accident would not be a great end to our day, so we passed.


Tired of this view yet? Yeah, me either.

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