A Daycation in Bath

I really didn’t know what to expect from Bath, except of course, baths. But even then, I didn’t know what to expect from those either.

Overwhelmed by the entrance price to see the ancient Roman baths (16 pounds for adults; luckily I was able to get the student price of 12.25 pounds) I was thinking I had come all this way to see old swimming pools.

But it was so much cooler than that.

Roman Baths

First of all, the Roman Baths have so much more history within them than I could have imagined, which I loved! Also, there aren’t just pools, there are engine rooms and saunas and temples! The audio guide was surprisingly interesting, with excerpts from a famous travel writer who visited, Bill Bryson.

gorgon head

The baths were absolutely beautiful. At the end, you get to taste some of the water from the spring that feeds them (its not used bath water, I promise you!) although its not very good.pumproom

After the baths you can go into the nearby Bath Abbey, or just walk along the river. Since you’re in England, be sure to grab a pasty, my favorite English food! (Note: that’s not pastie, okay? Okay.)

Also if you are a Jane Austen fan, there is a museum of hers in Bath. I can’t necessarily recommend it, since I didn’t actually go, but my friend loved it! It is near the Royal Crescent, which is also worth a look at.

It is such a cute little city, I loved to walk around and window shop. Many London tour companies do a combined day-trip to Bath and Stonehenge, which might be worth it since the train fares to get there on your own were pretty high, plus you get to see incredible Stonehenge!

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